Shahla Nikpour, LCSW-QS, LCAT
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Phoenix Thriving Therapy LLC

I am a clinical therapist specializing in Narcissistic Abuse Trauma and Recovery, helping both women and men recover from toxic relationships and form new, healthy, life-long bonds with the right partners. 

I hold not one, but two, masters degrees: the first in Movement Therapy at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and the second in Social Work from The Silberman School of Social Work. 

I began my career running a 33-bed psychiatric crisis stabilization unit and worked closely with Miami Dade Judge Leifman’s Jail Diversion program. As a result, I have extensive experience working with people who are facing mental health and substance abuse challenges. 

I’m proud to have fulfilled my dream of building my own private practice, Phoenix Thriving Therapy, dedicated to helping people identify and overcome abuse in their lives, strengthen their interpersonal skills through maintaining and communicating healthy boundaries, and successfully cultivate meaningful relationships.