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September 8, 2022

Virgo: A Guide to Living Your Best Life

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In-House Contributor
Guest Contributor:

This season is all about you, Virgos! You share your birth sign with celebrities like Beyoncé, Prince Harry, Cameron Diaz, and Gloria Estefan.

Mercury, your ruling planet, is back in retrograde from September 9 to October 2. As the planet of communication appears to move backwards across the sky, you may find yourself troubled by delays and inconveniences. Lucky for you, Virgo, your logical mind makes you well-equipped to navigate the instability of this season. Could there be some magic in the mayhem?

We’ve got you covered, dear Virgo, because we’ve created your survival guide to empower you for the coming months. Ready to tackle Mercury Retrograde and beyond? Let’s get into it!

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Symbol: Maiden

Dates: August 23 - September 22

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Element: Earth

Lucky Numbers: 3, 5, 6, 14, 15

Virgos, your earth-sign energy keeps your feet planted firmly on the ground. Your gift for organization and analysis makes you an asset everywhere you go. As a mutable sign, you can easily fit into any environment, and your tendency to plan ahead consistently sets you up for success.

The world sees you as a perfectionist who has it all together, but on the inside, you can be your own worst critic. Your attention to detail often has you nitpicking all the ways you could be doing better. Why not focus on the ways you already shine? Your commitment to excellence makes you stand out to everyone you meet-- give yourself some credit! Apply your methodical thinking to showing up for yourself in the ways you deserve. Carve out time in your schedule for regular meditation walks, listening to audio books, and spending time with people who genuinely care for you.

Dear Virgo, this Mercury Retrograde may throw you for a loop, but if anyone can handle the chaos, it’s you. Once the astrological skies clear up, the rest of 2022 is likely to be smooth sailing. Your choices in the coming weeks will be crucial in setting you up for success, so choose wisely!

Virgo and Career:

This is an ideal time for career growth, Virgos! Mars entered Gemini (Virgo’s 10th house of success) on August 20, where it will remain until March of next year. This is fantastic news for ambitious Virgos, because it gives you an extended opportunity for professional success and career advancement. If you have been considering whether to accept a leadership role, now is the time to embrace it. Remember to be flexible with others, and not to allow yourself to be dragged down by office politics or drama. If you find yourself in a work environment like this, consider it the perfect time to take on more independent projects.

Virgo and Money:

You are practical and proactive, Virgo, and the way you handle your money is no exception. In the coming months, your best bet is to scale back on lavish expenses and let your no-nonsense intuition set your budget. Don’t let your anxiety get the best of you; your worries are only paying interest on a debt you may not owe. Your financial situation will go better than expected. By October, be more vigilant with future planning in order to avoid silly spending mistakes. Take a deep breath, and trust yourself!

Virgo and Personal Relationships:

For the rest of 2022, the theme of your interpersonal relationships is reciprocity. Invest in people who invest in you, Virgo-- stop accepting breadcrumbs. Those who value being a part of your life will show up for you. This is a season to be selective when it comes to your social relationships. Are you setting yourself on fire to keep others warm? Expect to gain a sense of clarity about who truly has your best interests at heart (and who doesn’t). Even if some connections fall by the wayside, rest assured that those who remain are meant to be a part of your life.

Virgo and Love:

For single and attached Virgos alike, honesty is key for your love connections in the next few months. Use your intelligence to handle conflicts wisely, and avoid getting swept up in arguments. You’re always at your best with a clear head. And whatever you do-- don’t let insecurity cause you to put up walls around your heart! You may be hard on yourself, Virgo, but your romantic connection should feel like a safety net.

Everyone needs a Virgo in their life (or two… or ten). Your mind is a gift that helps those around you stay grounded in reality. Don’t let your deep thinking become a trap; use it to set yourself free. Life is beautiful, dearest Virgos, so step into the sunlight. You deserve to feel present and joyful as much as anyone else. Remember that truth, and watch as your wildest dreams come true.