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March 17, 2023

Pisces: A Guide to Living Your Best Life

Post By:
Patricia Alexis
In-House Contributor
The Daily Drip
Guest Contributor:

It’s your season to shine, Pisces! You share your birth sign with iconic women like Rihanna, Simone Biles, Drew Barrymore, and Elizabeth Taylor.

The final sign of the zodiac, Pisces embodies a little bit of every sign that comes before. This perspective and wisdom is both a burden and a blessing, and you may be tired of staying strong through life’s recent trials. 2023 could be the year you finally see the rewards for your faithfulness… but only if you’re willing to accept it. Will you let abundance flow in, or get knocked down by life’s current?

Thankfully, Pisces, we’ve created your ultimate guide to being the best version of yourself in the next few months. Let’s take a look at what’s ahead for you.

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Symbol: Fish

Dates: February 19 - March 20

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Element: Water

Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 4, 7

Pisceans, you are a mutable water sign, making you the most adaptable sign of the zodiac. Unlike your fellow water signs (Cancer and Scorpio), you have a deep connection to the spiritual undercurrents of your environment. Far beyond traditional Cancer nurturing or Scorpio intensity, your emotional intuition offers you unique insight into the souls of everyone you meet. Empathetic and insightful, you feel everything-- for better or for worse.

Symbolized by two connected fish swimming in opposite directions, you possess a duality that allows you to see situations from multiple perspectives. This increases both your natural creativity and empathy. You may come across people who want to take advantage of your kind-hearted nature; this can lead to heartache, as you genuinely want to see the best in everyone. Despite this, you inspire loyalty in those who appreciate your love and wisdom. Pisceans radiate a certain purity of spirit that your loved ones strive to protect. However, there’s more than meets the eye-- you are a mastermind at influencing situations with your emotional intelligence.

Through Pisces season and beyond, you can expect a breath of fresh air. If you have been going through challenges, this is your time to overcome. Recognize what has been growing in you, and be ready to reap the rewards. 2023 promises prosperity, but only if you’re open to it!

Pisces and Career:

Pisces, the months ahead will be marked by substantial career change. This may look like a total shift in direction, or massive growth along your current trajectory. Either way, there will be an adjustment period as you regain your footing. Keep a clear head as you look forward to making important decisions. Your intuition is a valuable guide, and it will serve you well as you navigate these changes. You may be tempted to make choices that will please others, but at the end of the day, there is no one more impacted by your professional decisions than yourself. 

Pisces and Money:

2023 could be a year of tremendous financial prosperity for Pisces. Your sign is not known for practical sensibility, so your best course of action is to seek out wise counsel in your finances. Discern whose guidance you should trust and follow-- deep down, you’ll know if they have pure intentions for you. These strategic alliances will guide you toward increased savings, so budget accordingly! Anyone can make money, but the real success is in handling it wisely. Keep your feet on the ground while your head is in the clouds, and your lofty financial goals will become a reality.

Pisces and Personal Relationships:

Boundaries can be difficult for you, Pisces, because you feel so intensely. When those you love are hurting, you hurt. Remember that not every problem is yours to fix. It’s tempting to rush into the savior role, but you can’t manage the emotions of others. You need to manage your own. Your internal world can be a whirlwind that not everyone understands; create a sense of calm within yourself, and you will be able to enjoy healthy connections with others. Of course, managing your emotions doesn’t mean stuffing them down, because they will come out somehow. Your best bet is to practice self-regulation and healthy communication.

Pisces and Love: 

Your love life will benefit from some extra quality time, Pisces. Take the next few months to maximize opportunities for intentional connection. If you’re in a committed relationship, the additional time together will strengthen the bonds between you. If you’re single and actively dating, being fully present in the process will help you determine whether the person in front of you could truly be a healthy match. And if you’re loving life without a romantic partner, take some additional time to pour into yourself!

Pisceans, your ocean-deep soul is full of spiritual wisdom that the people around you value. Lean into your giftings, but don’t get lost in your own depths. Channel your emotional strength and extend yourself the same compassion you give to others. Life comes in waves; if there’s anyone who knows how to swim, it’s you.