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April 17, 2024

Stop Scrunching Down in the Group Shot!

Post By:
Michelle Balaun
In-House Contributor
Brand Director
Guest Contributor:

You can scrunch your socks, scrunch your sleeves, or wear a scrunchie in your hair but I ask, plead, and beg you NOT to scrunch down in pictures! 

When it comes to group photos, there seems to be a standard operating procedure: tall ones in the back, short ones in the front, and the front rows scrunch. Several influencers on Instagram have called out this faux pas and for good reason.

Why not scrunch? Here’s why.

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Ladies, stop making yourself small to fit in. 

Never make yourself small or pretzel yourself to fit in. Rarely, do we ever look and feel our best when we’re scrunched down in an awkward position. So why do it?

I can hear you now- “What about Becky behind me? I don’t want to block her! I’m just being considerate.” Let Becky shift herself into a clear position to be visible.

Becky, and everyone else in the group shot, are responsible for standing up tall and finding their own way to be seen in the photo. And you don’t need to minimize your presence or sacrifice looking (and feeling) your best for that to happen.

Don’t believe me? 

When they take the big group photo of all the Oscar nominees, NO ONE IS SCRUNCHING DOWN. Each person stands tall to look their best, posing for the optimum result for themselves. Show me a picture of a celebrity affair with a scrunching Oprah, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, or the one and only Cher? There are none.

This goes beyond show business and right into the professional arena. Speakers, leaders, and innovators stand tall in their photos. Why? Because they know how they show up in pictures, on screen, or in person, is all part of their personal brand and what they want to communicate to the world.

When it comes to confidence, boldness, strength and influence, these qualities are represented when you stand up tall and strike a powerful pose- not contort in some strange position to squeeze into the shot.

You Are Worthy to Take Up Space.

I believe this is all part of empowerment. It’s about taking yourself seriously enough to take up space and take up room. So often as women, we just squeeze in- in the picture, at the table, and the list goes on. 

Enough I say! You deserve a seat at the table, to stand tall in the picture, and to do it with confidence and grace. It’s these little moments of stepping up and stepping in that can empower you to take more risks or advocate for yourself in other areas of life. 

When we break the habit of automatically shrinking ourselves, we begin to see opportunities everywhere- and have the confidence and courage to go for them.

Start with standing up tall in the group shot!