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October 3, 2022

Libra: A Guide to Living Your Best Life

Post By:
Patricia Alexis
In-House Contributor
The Daily Drip
Guest Contributor:

This season is yours, Libras! You share your birth sign with stars like Olivia Newton-John, Serena Williams, Julie Andrews, and Bruno Mars.

Mercury went direct on October 2, bringing a much-anticipated end to the madness of retrograde. Issues with communication and travel are finally being smoothed over! You love balance, Libra, and this return to harmony couldn’t have come at a better time. So what does this mean for the months ahead?

Keep calm and carry on, dear Libra, because we’ve curated your personalized guide that will make the rest of 2022 a breeze. Let’s jump in!

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Symbol: Scales

Dates: September 23 - October 22

Ruling Planet: Venus

Element: Air

Lucky Numbers: 3, 5, 6, 9

Libras, you are ruled by Venus, the planet of love-- you have a special relationship with beauty and romance. You are more of a hopeless romantic than your fellow air signs (Aquarius & Gemini), but others shouldn’t be fooled by your dreamy demeanor. The wheels in your mind are always turning, and you won’t commit to anything (or anyone!) that isn’t aligned with your vision for the life you’re building.

Your gift for harmony is a blessing and a curse, often hurdling you into the “peacekeeper” role. Your penchant for justice means that everyone wants you on their side, putting you smack in the middle of conflicts you’d rather avoid altogether. Rather than playing both sides (or worse-- being a doormat), try making peace instead of keeping it. You are naturally influential, Libra, and if you lay a harmonious groundwork, others will surely follow suit.

With Mercury Retrograde behind us, the great balancing act truly begins. Put your fair-minded mentality to use as you approach the coming weeks and months. Make an effort to work some mindfulness practices into your routine. With a clear mind, there’s nothing you can’t handle!

Libra and Career:

Are there tensions creeping up between your personal and professional life? Monotony may be to blame. Tedious tasks may prove extra painful these days-- try to switch things up to keep your work life interesting! Nothing is stopping you from breaking the mold and experimenting with new ideas. You may see some professional opportunities arise in the coming months, so stay attuned to which ones deserve your “yes.” Be ready to seize your moment!

Libra and Money: 

Financial planning is your best friend, Libra, whether you think it’s your strong suit or not. Your natural inclination toward balance can be easily transferred to your budget, so avoid overindulgence and keep your eyes on your goals. There is an ever-present temptation to splurge on the finer things in life, but by holding off, you’ll find prosperity in the months ahead. If you play your cards right, you may even find it well within your means to take the trip of a lifetime!

Libra and Personal Relationships:

Humility is the name of the game, Libra-- be ready and willing to apologize if needed. Your interpersonal relationships are more important than being right. Because of your natural influence, you can create a positive environment in your family and friendships. Take a step back from any prior complications; drama is too heavy for you right now. This is a great time to focus on having fun and enjoying life with those you value most.

Libra and Love:

Patience, Libra… patience. This is your theme in love for the rest of 2022, whether you’re single or committed. If you’re dealing with romantic discouragement from the not-so-distant past, now is the time to keep your chin up and remember the best is still ahead of you. For Libras in serious relationships, stay communicative with your partner. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarity if you need it! Overall, the remainder of the year may prove to be an entertaining period in your love life. It’s easy to get swept away in it all, so remember to balance romance with your other priorities.

Libra, your magic is something special. Step into your power and own your influence. You’re not doing anyone any favors by playing small. We need your light, dearest Libras, so connect with that part of yourself and take action to walk in it. The world is a little more beautiful with you in it, and it’s about time you accept that. Take risks, keep shining, and don’t be surprised when the outcome is better than you hoped.