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August 8, 2022

Leo: A Guide to Living Your Best Life

Post By:
Patricia Alexis
In-House Contributor
The Daily Drip
Guest Contributor:

The spotlight is on you, Leos! You share your birth sign with famous icons like Jennifer Lopez, Meghan Markle, Halle Berry, and Madonna.

Like a phoenix, 2022 has been your year to rise from the ashes and create a brand new life you truly love! You’re a fire sign through and through-- if there’s anyone who can take the heat, it’s you, Leo. Your birthday month is full of opportunities to sparkle, with magic in the air all year long. But will you channel your inner fire… or get burned?

Never fear, dear Leo, because we’ve compiled your ultimate guide to unleash your most fabulous self in the months ahead. It’s a whirlwind, so let’s jump in!

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Symbol: Lion

Dates: July 23 - August 22

Ruling Planet: Sun*

Element: Fire

Lucky Numbers: 1, 4, 5, 9, 10

(*In astrology, “planets” include the Sun and Moon!)

Leos, your reputation precedes you as the vibrant, fiery lioness of the zodiac. You carry a rare power and presence that turns heads everywhere you go. Naturally charismatic, you’re the life of every party! Your self-love is anything but selfish; you are fiercely loyal to those in your circle, and love them every bit as much as yourself. 

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, Leo-- your radiant, regal energy is a double-edged sword. Magnetic as you are, you often carry the weight of others’ expectations and perceptions of you. This invisible burden can manifest in flashes of anger, a far cry from your usual optimism. Shake it off! Leverage your confidence for your mental health, and remember that the way others treat you is 90% about them and 10% about you. Instead of managing your image by focusing on the people around you, check your own words and actions. Do they align with your best intentions?

Dear Leo, 2022 is full of abundance for you, but it’s up to you to walk in it. Your influence is powerful, and it shifts the world around you. People follow where you go, so pay attention to where you’re leading!

Leo and Career:

The second half of the year is changing the game for career-oriented Leos! This is especially true for those of you who are business owners. No one has to remind you to be bold-- keep making those strides toward your goals. September and October are set to be especially favorable for your professional aspirations. Expect new responsibilities, and take the opportunity to practice balancing your career with your personal life.

Leo and Money:

This has been a year of financial abundance, Leo, and the next few months will be no different. You love to spend, but is that such a bad thing? What others call “splurging,” you call “investing in yourself.” Enjoy life-- just don’t bite off more than you can chew! When it comes to investing your money, do your research first. If you’re sharing assets with someone, communicate thoroughly before making any major moves. Coming to an agreement will help avoid serious conflict down the line!

Leo and Personal Relationships:

You can expect harmony in your family life, with more opportunities for bonding. For those challenges that do arise, approach problems as a team player. Your fire-sign nature makes you a born leader, but sometimes leading well means genuinely hearing what others have to say. A collaborative mindset will take you far! Be sure to watch your words; a quick remark can land extra harshly during this time. Your social life is hitting a high, so have fun with your friends! Choose wisely when it comes to accepting invitations, and surround yourself with the people who bring out the best in you.

Leo and Love: 

Love may be on your mind a little more than usual in 2022, Leo, and there’s good reason for that. Expect your relationships to level up! If you’re single, this might mean a promising connection; if you’re dating, a ring may not be too far away. This is an exciting few months, so take in every moment! For you married and committed Leos, the rest of the year is a beautiful time to deepen your bond with your partner. Spend quality time together, and create unforgettable memories with new experiences!

Even Leos need to be reminded sometimes-- the most beautiful love in your life is the way you love yourself. It’s easy to place your value in the way others perceive you, but a star burns just as brightly in the day as it does at night. Take action to love yourself well, beautiful Leos, and you’ll shine brighter than ever before.