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June 8, 2022

Gemini: A Guide to Living Your Best Life

Post By:
Marie Manalo
In-House Contributor
Spiritual Coach
The Mother Manifestor
Guest Contributor:

It’s your season to shine, Geminis! You share your birth sign with celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman, Mark Wahlberg, and Prince. 

This month will bring some much-needed relief from the delays and interruptions of Mercury Retrograde, as the planet of communication went direct on June 3. But are we totally out of the woods?

The duality of Gemini is amplified in the year 2022, which means twice the luck… or double trouble. Your quick mind puts you ahead of the game, Gemini, and we know you play to win. That’s why we’ve pulled together the best insights to keep you one step (or two!) ahead of absolutely anything life throws your way.

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Symbol: Twins

Dates: May 22- June 21

Ruling Planet: Mercury 

Element: Air

Lucky Numbers: 4, 5, 11, 19, 52, 68

If you are a Gemini, you are charming, clearly great at connecting people, collaborative, thoughtful, and kind. The “two-faced” stereotype is tired; you are witty, adaptable, and fit in easily with just about anyone. If you are an extrovert, let your social butterfly wings fly, but don’t shy away from learning something new! If you are an introvert, keep feeding your intellectual mind, but don’t forget to call up some close friends (and maybe even make some new ones).

Mercury, your ruling planet, went direct on June 3, marking the end of Mercury Retrograde. Geminis notoriously have the gift of gab, so the timing couldn’t be better to end the cycle of miscommunication and disagreements. Just be sure to think before you speak! You are gifted when it comes to interacting with others-- lean into that.

Dear Gemini, 2022 is the year to put all your past lessons into practice and keep your eyes on the big prize! Whether your focus is on love or business, it’s important to give your full dedication in order to manifest what you want.

Gemini and Money/Career:

You should already be in a steady flow of income in this second quarter of the year. Investments are a good idea now, as you will see good returns. As for career goals, you’ll see old manifestations coming to life this year. Promotions are in your favor, and new business ventures are a great idea to start now. Gemini is known for being clever and having a knack for learning; if you were thinking about furthering your education, 2022 is the year to say YES! 

Gemini and Love:

As for love, Geminis, this is your year of bliss and romance. Don’t be afraid to share your deepest feelings with your partner, as they will be well-received. If you are a Gemini looking for love, May to August are lucky months for you to find the one you can commit to long-term.