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January 4, 2023

5 Ways to Stay Motivated and Kick Burnout to the Curb

Post By:
Arianne Traverso
In-House Contributor
Evolved Creative Marketing + Coaching
Guest Contributor:

If you’re an entrepreneur or solo-preneur, you’re no stranger to burnout. How do you overcome it when it hits?

I clearly remember my first encounter with burnout. It was a sunny Miami day, and I realized I’d been indoors for hours working on my monthly content planning. It honestly looked more like cave drawings than a cohesive content map. In my second hour of getting absolutely nothing done, I texted my husband and said:

“I don’t think I’m cut out for this. I feel like such a fraud! I either need to go back to school or figure something out, because this isn’t working!!!!” (Insert some teary-eyed emojis.)

That was the first wall-hitting, exhausted, uninspired moment in my 15 years of entrepreneurship. I’d been pulling late nights working on my new program: the funnels, the content, the launch systems, and all the things that come with the online business world. I wasn’t really eating right, my sleep was interrupted by ideas and to-do lists… and my yoga practice- my passion- had fallen to the wayside.

Can you relate to this?

How can you tell if what you’re experiencing is actually burnout, and how can you overcome it?

According to the APA Dictionary of Psychology, the definition of burnout is “physical, emotional or mental exhaustion, accompanied by decreased motivation, lowered performance and negative attitudes towards oneself and others.”

Sound familiar?

You’ve probably experienced burnout when something didn’t go as planned. Your program launch didn’t make those coveted 5-figure sales. The size of your email list shrinks with every email marketing newsletter you send, and you’ve grown it by a few in comparison. Your social media following isn’t doing what all your hard work and effort says it should be doing.

Burnout is real, but there are ways to overcome it!

Identifying Signs of Burnout

First, how can you tell if you’re experiencing burnout, let alone overcome it? I have personally struggled with this because of my action-centered personality. I typically push through bouts of “not feeling it.”

But let’s identify some feelings that commonly come up in burnout:

  • Putting it ALL on the back burner: This is the sign that you’ve checked out. You skipped social media altogether because every idea felt “blah.” You skipped the newsletter because “why does anyone want to read what I have to say.” You stopped promoting your program because last time no one bought it.
  • Not being excited about what you do: This one is an alert! You became an entrepreneur because you love what you freaking do! And now… OMG- You’re wondering whether you should be doing something else.
  • Questioning how “good” you are: Imposter syndrome coming in strong with this one. Everyone gets this feeling now and then, but when there’s burnout, it’s constant.
How You Can Overcome Burnout

There’s no real trick here-- everyone is different, and different approaches work best from person to person. While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, here are some of my strategies that might help you too!

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  1. STOP, DROP, and WRITE! When I feel burnout creeping in, I stop all work related activities and start writing. Write 3 things: something you’re grateful for, something you’re excited about, and something you look forward to doing. Since entrepreneur life eats so much time, it can help to keep your eye on the prize… maybe it’s shopping, a trip, or a nice dinner out.
  2. GO CRY. Yes, go have a freaking tantrum. Cry, kick, punch a pillow, stomp. My toddler is so good at tantrums, I’ve added some new strategies to my repertoire. The lay-face-down-on-the-ground-sobbing is a good one… just make sure the floor is clean first. A drama-filled wail-fest usually lasts a few minutes, and it takes pressure off for weeks!
  3. PHONE A FRIEND. This strategy might be difficult if you “don’t like to bother people.” (Guilty!) I usually call or text a “work friend.” This might be someone you know who is an entrepreneur and who you know has been there, done that. It’s important to have this type of friend, because a friend in the corporate world may not fully “get it.”
  4. EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS. Food can instantly make you smile. Eat something that’s comforting, nourishing, and makes your heart smile. I go for something carb laden or that I used to eat as a child. Indulge for once without the guilty feeling. You can walk it off later, or take a HIIT class if that’s your thing.
  5. CREATE A VISION BOARD. Usually when burnout happens, we lose motivation. Grab Canva or a poster board, and go to town dreaming and reconnecting to your WHY! I love this video about trying and not being stuck. It always makes me tear up and go do something awesome!

Get the energy moving in your body, mind, and soul-- burnout doesn’t get the final say.

Motivation is a living, breathing entity that’s within the hearts of most entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do. It’s not something that you can create, but instead something that you can attain!