Tiffani Dhooge
President | CEO
Children's Harbor, Inc

As President and CEO of Children’s Harbor, I have the profound privilege of leading a nationally recognized team. Our singular, unwavering focus is to empower teens in foster care to overcome the trauma they have experienced so that they may lead healthy and productive lives. Together, we tenaciously take on the impossible and have accomplished the extraordinary.  

My journey in human services began 23 years ago in the broom closet of a local foster care agency.  Straight out of college, I accepted an entry-level role as a driver in the "transportation unit" of that organization. As humbling as that season was, it provided me with a ground-level perspective of the needs and challenges faced by those I was trusted to serve and I carried that with me through the decades that followed, as I progressed through the ranks of my industry.

In 2003, I was entrusted with the responsibility of launching a foster care program for Kids in Distress.  Over a span of nine years, I expanded that program into the region’s largest and most comprehensive initiative, setting a benchmark for excellence in the field.

In 2012, my contributions to the field of Foster Care and Adoption were recognized nationally with the Congressional Angels in Adoption Award in Washington DC.

In 2018, I embarked on a new chapter by accepting the role of President and CEO at Children’s Harbor, as the organization navigated through a significant (and terrifying) evolution.  Under my leadership, Children’s Harbor transitioned into a community-based system of care with an exclusive focus on teenagers.  Through programs that focus on life skills, education, mental health support, and more, Children’s Harbor is a haven for growth, healing, and empowerment where teens in foster care can overcome their trauma and forge a path toward becoming self-reliant, productive, and resilient adults.

My tenure as a nonprofit executive is marked by a relentless drive to effectuate meaningful change in the lives of those who have been marginalized by society.  Every decision, strategy, and initiative I have led echoes my personal drive to empower those who have been left behind.  Every story rewritten stands as a testament to my belief that genuine transformative impact is a deeply personal endeavor that can only be accomplished through genuine connection and cannot be confined by statistics; it can only be measured in moments - one heartbeat at a time.