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April 3, 2024

Video Content Ideas for People Who Hate Putting Their Face on Social Media

Post By:
Michelle Balaun
In-House Contributor
Brand Director
Guest Contributor:

It’s true that posts and videos with your face significantly outperform, but what if you’re really uncomfortable putting your face on social media? Maybe you have a side gig and don’t want your main employer to recognize you, or perhaps you are in witness protection and still want to be in on all the Instagram fun? Or maybe it’s just good old fashioned self-consciousness? 

As a branding expert, I can’t tell you how many conversations I have with clients that start off with “I don’t really want to show my face on social media”. 

The good news? There is a way to create powerful video content that showcases your wisdom, knowledge, and expertise- without showing your face. (Keep in mind it is a better trust-building option to show yourself.) Enter the Faceless YouTube Channel or Faceless Reels.

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How to Start

So what is Faceless video? It’s exactly what it sounds like- video content that doesn’t show the creator’s face. In Faceless video content, creators might not even use their real voices! It’s less about the person creating the content and more about the content itself.

What types of Faceless videos are trending, you may ask? DIY Tutorials, Cooking Videos, Reviews and Unboxings, Hacks, Tours, Motivational Videos, Educational Videos, Gaming Videos, and more.

And almost all of our industry categories can leverage one or more of those trending Faceless video styles to build our brand and our audience.

So, what are the steps to create one of these new-fangled thingymajigs? 

  • First, create a video script of the content
  • Second, record your voice-over or use an AI-generated voice
  • You can then add a screen recording if needed
  • Add multimedia
  • Finally, upload to YouTube or Instagram Reels

Yes, it is easier to create a faceless video- no hair and makeup needed! But the biggest focus should be the quality and consistency. 

You need to write a captivating script. 

You need to plan a consistent calendar of posting. 

The quality of the visuals needs to be tip-top.

And of course, it needs to be branded. 

Faceless video content can be a great option and the first step for you into the wild wonderful world of video, if you are skittish about appearing on camera. Who knows, you may get just comfortable enough to make an appearance every now and then!