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Travel & Food
October 5, 2021

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice: South Florida’s Can’t-Miss Cafes for All the Fall Vibes & the Perfect PSL

Post By:
Maria "Nacha" Ignacia Morel
In-House Contributor
Director of Operations
Impression Imaging
Guest Contributor:

Ever since I was little, my favorite time of year has always been Fall. From the cool temperatures, to the amazing seasonal foods, nothing will ever compare for me. And, it’s not just the seasonal foods I love, but also the seasonal beverages. I had always gotten the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, and I loved it, but I never tasted the true flavor of Fall until I ventured out to local coffee shops. Tasting the fresh ingredients and experiencing a true Fall atmosphere completely changed my perspective on what a Fall drink really is. So this season, I decided to travel all over South Florida in hopes of finding the best pumpkin spice latte around. My journey brought me to a number of coffee houses, but I picked my top five favorites to share with you, giving you my take on their setting, quality, and, of course, taste. After my little coffee-fueled adventure, I think it's safe to say that I’ll be giving my Starbucks PSL a break!

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Brew Urban Cafe

Fort Lauderdale’s best kept secret.

My first stop was Brew Urban Cafe, which I had read rave reviews about on Yelp. It is a beautiful, little coffee shop located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and to me, definitely one of Fort Lauderdale’s best-kept secrets. They have a freshly made, on-site pumpkin spice sauce that is absolutely incredible. The thickness of the sauce, which they drizzled on top of the whipped cream, was to die for. You can truly taste the pumpkin flavor with every sip without overpowering the coffee flavor we all love. Something about their fresh ingredients made this place my new favorite shop for all things pumpkin spice. Check out their website or swing on by and visit if you are in the area.

Clematis Cafe

A charming cafe in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach.

The next place I decided to try out had great reviews on their food and drinks, but I wanted to test their coffee skills for myself. Clematis Cafe is located at 319 Clematis Street, right in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach. This cafe is honestly one of the cutest, coziest cafes I've ever been to. The food was super tasty, and don't even get me started on their pumpkin spice latte. It was so delicious and flavorful, with just the right amount of pumpkin and a perfect amount of spice. I hate to say it but the latte was not even my favorite part of this cafe, because the enthusiasm and overall cheerfulness of the baristas really made this experience memorable. Not to mention I got to listen to some great music while enjoying my freshly-made beverage and pastry. This cafe will give you all the fall vibes!

Press and Grind Cafe

Calling all dog lovers… and influencers?

After Clematis Cafe, I thought it would be very difficult to top the experience I had there, but I instantly fell in love with Press and Grind. With two locations in Fort Lauderdale, Press and Grind Cafe is a popular local favorite- and I can see why. First of all, dogs are welcome, which definitely made me want to stop by on my morning walk with Ollie, my adorable Morkie. Second, the staff made me feel right at home as they guided me through their vast assortment of Fall drinks and encouraged me to try something new. Even though they had so many fall drinks to choose from, you already know what I was there for- I had to try their pumpkin spice latte. Not only was it delicious, but it was Instagram worthy! The foam designs on the top, with a perfect sprinkle of nutmeg, in a huge white mug, made this the most gorgeous pumpkin spice latte my followers and I had ever seen.

Macondo Coffee Roasters

A taste of Colombia… with a twist.

I made my way to Doral, Florida and came across the cutest authentic Colombian Cafe, Macondo Coffee Roasters, a family business built on tradition. They have 100% Colombian coffee that's regularly imported for the most fresh taste and they show true love to their heritage and culture by putting a Colombian twist on all the seasonal favorites. As any coffee lover knows, Colombian coffee can be a little strong so it's usually harder to incorporate different flavors. Here at Macondo, they mix in different blends and seasonings before brewing to really infuse the Fall flavor. I tried their homemade pumpkin spice latte with authentic Panela sugar which gave it a different kind of sweetness that I had never tasted before. It was to die for and had such unique flavors. What more could I ask for?!

Mane Coffee Boca

Featured as one of the “Best Coffee Shops in America” by Food & Wine.

You'd think after going to all those other places I would get tired of the pumpkin spice latte, but on my way to work one morning I saw Mane Coffee advertising their “New Seasonal Drinks” so how could I not go in and try one for myself? Located right in our backyard, this Boca Raton coffee shop was recently featured as one of the “Best Coffee Shops in America” by Food & Wine, and I can definitely see why. All their coffees are handcrafted by professional baristas using world class espresso machines to deliver a premium beverage that is insanely delicious. And that it was!  Their pumpkin spice latte is one of their most popular items on the menu, and let me tell you, you will not be disappointed. It was one of the most high-quality lattes I've ever tasted. They have amazing food as well. I loved their avocado toast, which complemented the fall flavors perfectly. Not to mention the ambiance was great! It was super neat, yet very cozy, making it the perfect spot to sit down, relax, and even get some work done. This place is a true gem!