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Travel & Food
January 12, 2022

How to Change Your Life, for Good

Post By:
Maria "Nacha" Ignacia Morel
In-House Contributor
Director of Operations
Impression Imaging
Guest Contributor:

Remember when 2022 seemed so far away? Well here we are again, reflecting on the craziness of last year, and questioning the unknown of this year. This time of the year can be extremely hectic as we come out of the holiday season and head into the full swing of reality- and with a whole new set of resolutions to achieve.

We all know the odds are against us, but we set these resolutions anyway, with all the best intentions.  Because we want more, we want different, we want better. Well, my friends, this is the year you’re actually going to do it.

Today I am here to guide you on how to really become the best version of yourself in 2022. I know you may be thinking to yourself, “I say this every year” and trust me, I have felt your frustration and been in your position. Which is why I am sharing how I managed to break the cycle and make life changes that stick. These 3 steps changed my life, and they can change yours too- for good!

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Step 1: Have a Routine

The first and most important step to making changes in your life is having a routine. I personally have read countless numbers of books on how important it is to have a routine, and there’s a reason everyone talks about it. Whether you have a big or small routine, something you do in the morning or at night (or both), it’s great to have stability you can count on daily, regardless of how hectic your life is at the moment. Having a routine gives you a sense of accomplishment and security. 

One of the best ways to start and stick to a new routine is by scheduling these times and activities- make appointments with yourself! I love writing it down in a planner- I’m still a pen-&-paper girl. My all-time favorite planner is Day Designer. I have tried countless types of planners, and let me tell you, you will never regret buying a Day Designer. This planner has time blocks for every 30 minutes throughout the day so you can plan your day accordingly. Another one of my favorite things about this planner is that it has space to write your to-do list, as well as space for your top 3 tasks. It also has room to write notes. 

When creating your routine, remember to start small. Implementing small changes you can commit to and then gradually increase them. Over time, this will lead to even bigger outcomes than you expected, and a true sense of accomplishment.

Step 2: Eat Healthier 

Few people actually realize the effect food has on your brain. Studies show that eating healthier can reduce depression, increase energy and focus, and improve mood, among other health benefits. Sometimes the best version of you is all about your perspective!

And just as is the case with establishing a routine, when it comes to eating healthier, start small. Maybe it’s trading soda for water, fries for a side salad, or finally scheduling time in your planner for breakfast! 

Eating healthier is all about making healthier choices and sometimes, that can be a lot easier when all the choices are healthy! Here are some of the yummiest, healthiest spots to eat- I’m a regular!

Raw Juce- Located everywhere and one of my all time favorites! Whether you’re craving a smoothie, acai bowl, or just a quick healthy snack, this is the place to go. One of my favorite things about Raw Juce are their cold-pressed shots. Every time I’m feeling sick or low on energy and need a pick-me-up, I get a ginger or turmeric shot from Raw Juce to make me feel better. I highly recommend this convenient and tasty spot to get your fruits and veggies in. 

Pura Vida- Located in Miami, Florida. Pura Vida is one of the most popular healthy spots in all of Miami. They have delicious meals for all times of the day. Whether you’re craving avocado toast, a salmon bowl, or just a smoothie, this spot will not disappoint. The best part about Pura Vida is that breakfast is served all day- my go-to is their “perfect egg sandwich”. Another great thing about this spot is that they have various options to fit any dietary needs. Whether you are gluten free or vegan, there is something delicious for you on the menu. 

Fresh Kitchen- Located in Boca Raton, Florida. As soon as I walked into Fresh Kitchen, I knew this was a place I would love. Fast, delicious, and healthy! Pick your base, such as rice or a salad, pick from an array of veggies like fire roasted broccoli or brussel sprouts, add your protein and away you go. Their foods are gluten and dairy free as well!

Take the time to do a little research in your area.  Scope out the healthy options and book your lunch dates in your planner! 

Step 3: Workout Regularly

Just like food, exercise also has a significant impact on the brain, and our bodies. Working out releases dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins, causing you to actually feel happier. And in turn, that can have a significant impact on your perspective. Some of the most successful people in the world have discussed the role fitness has played in their clarity, focus, stress management, and overall high-level of performance. 

Again, start small. And start with something you enjoy. You’ll find 2-3 hours of exercise a week to be less like a chore if you actually look forward to the activity! 

Do you have a sport you love to play, or perhaps played in another life? Joining a league is a great way to get back in the game, make new friends, and even expand your network- all while getting your heart rate up.  Who doesn’t love multitasking? 

I love to dance and Zumba is how I initially started doing more physical activity. The best part about this latin fusion fitness dance class is having so much fun that you don’t even realize how many calories you’re burning in the process- it’s like being at a party! You can find an in-person class or find a virtual one here, so whatever your preference, let's get moving!

If I really need to decompress, I love going to hot yoga. Personally, one of my favorite spots for hot yoga is called Bikram Yoga, located in Delray Beach. This 60 minute flow between poses is done in a hot room. With each stretch and position, you will release all those toxins, as well as burn some serious calories. Everytime I do hot yoga, I come out feeling like a new person. It’s an exercise for the mind and body. If you’ve never tried hot yoga before, I highly recommend giving it a go!

If sports, dance, or yoga are not for you, consider something as simple as walking.  Walking the dog, walking with your significant other, walking with a friend.  Studies have shown that 30 minutes of walking 4-5 times a week can have significant health benefits.

Whatever you choose, build exercise into your routine. Schedule these sessions with yourself in your planner!

It’s a wonder that these 3 steps are so simple, yet so challenging for so many of us. It goes to show you how far we can vere off course. And yet, if we can manage to commit to these simple steps, our productivity can dramatically improve, our perspectives can shift, our results can be bigger and better, and our life can change. So this year, become the best version of you. 2022 is the year. You can do it!