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December 27, 2023

How a Capsule Wardrobe Relieved Decision Fatigue in My Morning Routine… And My Business

Post By:
Melia Arnett-Archie
In-House Contributor
Modern Creators Law Firm, PLLC, VoiceBox Podcast & Creators Studio, LLC, and CoFounder of B. Her Collective, LLC
Guest Contributor:

What should I wear? It’s the question we ask ourselves nearly every morning.  If you’re a business leader, entrepreneur, in sales (of any kind), working hands on with clients, etc, the question is far more daunting. Our appearance at a client appointment, sales presentation, speaking engagement, networking event, team meeting, etc. is communicating a lot on our behalf. 

It’s not only communicating how we value that moment in the way we show up for it, it’s also communicating a lot about who we are as individuals.  Are we bold? We can communicate this with colors and prints. Are we traditional? We can communicate this with timeless classics. You get the jist. 

And what we communicate through our appearance can have a significant impact on the outcome of that moment.

As business leaders, this simple decision of  “what to wear” is the start of an onslaught of decisions that need to be made every. single. day. It can be completely overwhelming and exhausting.

Then one day, I had a breakthrough. And it came in the form of a 37-piece, all-black, capsule wardrobe. 

So, what is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a small, smart collection of clothes that you can mix, match, and love wearing every day. Think of it as your wardrobe's greatest hits: versatile, practical, and totally ‘you’. Usually, it's made up of a select number of pieces that work well together, chosen for their quality, function, and how seamlessly they fit with each other. It's about quality over quantity.

The architecture of a capsule wardrobe is about building a solid foundation with timeless basics that can be paired with statement pieces to express personal style. But the capsule wardrobe is about more than style- it’s about strategy and simplicity.

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It's designed for simplicity, aiming to pare down the excess in our closets that we rarely wear. This strategic minimalist approach helps to eliminate the 'what to wear' dilemma while also ensuring you’ll feel confident in how you look.

My Capsule Wardrobe 

Navigating the complex maze of entrepreneurship, I was grappling with decision fatigue – that relentless fog where every choice feels like a hurdle. To clear my mind and sharpen my focus, I made a decisive move to eliminate one decision that really just had no time for- what to wear!

I pared down my wardrobe to 37 essential pieces, all chosen in a deliberate shade of black.

The color black was a strategic choice, reflecting my aim for efficiency and aligning with my personal sense of power. I chose each item, in its elegant simplicity, to serve as a building block toward a fashionable yet sophisticated style that fully expressed me.

My capsule wardrobe cuts through the noise and minimizes distractions so I can expedite my daily routine and save my problem solving capacity for what’s crucial – my business objectives.

The Day That Changed Everything 

Creating my capsule wardrobe turned into a surprisingly emotional deep dive. 

First off, going through my closet was like facing a mountain of memories. Every piece of clothing had its story, its 'remember when,' and deciding which items to keep felt like I was choosing the memories that mattered most. It was tough—like breaking up with parts of my past to make room for the new me, the entrepreneur me, the one who needed a sharp focus.

Then came the real challenge: making the cuts. 

It wasn't just about removing the clutter and making space in my closet; it was about making the space in my life for who I want to become. Each item I decided to keep had to align with my goals and the person I was becoming, not just the person I used to be. 

And then I realized, the capsule wardrobe is about finding your unique wardrobe formula that simplifies your life, empowers your decisions, and accelerates your journey towards clarity and success. 

It's an invitation to discover the colors, textures, and number of pieces that resonate with you, to create a personal arsenal that propels you forward, confidently and efficiently. 

I quickly realized the methodology behind the capsule wardrobe was one I could and should apply to other areas of my life.

Minimalism and Entrepreneurship

The capsule wardrobe process was an exercise in embracing change, prioritizing focus, and eliminating the opportunity for distraction. Just as I scrutinized and evaluated each garment, deciding what I would keep and let go,  I reassessed business ideas and strategies, determining which ones held value and which were remnants of past comfort zones that no longer served my vision.

In applying this methodology to my business, I was able to refine my business model and hone in on processes and services that would be most effective. This was about stripping down to the core, where every piece of the puzzle is intentional and powerful.

Through this journey, I learned that less truly can be more. 

By minimizing my wardrobe, I maximized my confidence and clarity, which translated into a more focused and determined approach to my businesses. I identified and created my personal path to efficiency, once that supported my goals.

This experience sparked a revelation in me- that simplicity doesn't just apply to personal belongings. It's a commitment to prioritizing your ambitions and living a more focused, and purposeful life. Simplicity is the path to achieving your goals. 

Today, I continue to navigate business with a lean, yet potent wardrobe arsenal. And the same can be said of my business. So to my fellow business leaders, I say- hold onto what serves, release what hinders, and move forward with purpose and precision. This is the philosophy of a modern creator, where every choice, from blouse to business deal, is made with mindfulness and a clear vision of success.