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December 29, 2021

An Interview with De Anna Guerreiro Founder, Elle Family Office Network, Founder and CEO, Vinecrest Investments LLC, Athlon Family Office

Post By:
Christine Vergari
In-House Contributor
Private Banker
J.P. Morgan
Guest Contributor:

I am thrilled to highlight De Anna Guerreiro in this installment of Leading the Way. De Anna Guerreiro is an entrepreneur and founder of Vinecrest Investments LLC, a financial consulting firm and Managing Partner of Aenon Capital Ltd., a BVI offshore investment holding company.

De Anna started her career in finance with Citibank in the 1980s. She moved into the mortgage lending industry as an Account Executive for banks and mortgage lenders. After structuring deals for years for brokers, she left the corporate world to start her own mortgage company. De Anna was successful in the acquisition and development of hotels, luxury homes, high-end subdivisions, and shopping centers. An opportunity to raise capital for a shell mine opened a new path.  She founded Aenon Capital by raising money with private investors and invested in 10 oil wells in Texas. Currently, she and her partners are investing in farming and poultry businesses in Brazil.

For the past 7 years, De Anna has been counseling women, families, and men with abuse issues, addictions, and disease. Through her work, she has created a tool she calls “Echoes.” This tool is effective in breaking destructive financial and relationship cycles, or negative mindsets you have about yourself and situations. “Echoes” can also be applied to breaking down brick walls in your business and personal life, creating new pathways of communication with others, and the endless array of challenges with which you are faced.

In 2020, De Anna founded ELLE Family Office Networks, a unique platform for Women by Women.  ELLE has a board of women entrepreneurs, SFO and MFO office managing partners, and elite women who oversee and advise in the ELLE PE fund, where women invest in other women’s businesses, and start-ups.  Also in 2020 De Anna organized and partnered with a 2B asset management trade finance firm and a Hedge Fund Manager to create Athlon Family Office.  Athlon is a private equity, trade finance, and hedge fund for alternative investments for SME businesses globally in energy, commodities productions, agrobusiness, bio technologies, and manufacturing.

De Anna’s wish for you as you embark on this journey:

“My wish for every woman listening is that all the barriers that hold you back will be torn down, that every cycle you can’t resolve you will find a solution, and every dream you want to fulfill will be given flight! Every negative thought about yourself and circumstance will be purged from your mind and you will have new eyes to see a stronger, more powerful you. My hope is that every experience you have emotionally “numbed” and the daily routines that have “dulled” your life, will now pierce the morning dawn and become awakened and alive.  I want to see each and every one of you leave here forever changed, envisioning new possibilities and creating new relationships in a confident and loving atmosphere. Let us affirm that we as women will lock arms together to change this world, be inspirations to others and create a loving, nurturing environment in which to live.​”

Listen in on this powerful interview with the inspiring De Anna Guerreiro.

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Interview One:  Women Investors are a particular area of expertise in my practice at Bernstein. We invest differently than men, we think about risk differently than men, and we support each other in different ways than men. De Anna Guerreiro talks about creating a safe space for strong and talented women to connect and find new and interesting ways to invest together. Click here.

Interview Two:  De Anna Guerreiro talks about the goal of the ELLE Family Office Network and why it’s such an important platform for professional women.  Click here.

Interview Three:  I am a first born, the oldest in my immediate family and also the oldest on both sides of my extended family, with over 15 cousins. De Anna Guerreiro talks about the characteristics of the oldest child, the pros and the cons, and how we as women can learn how to harness those positive aspects and become great leaders. De Anna Guerreiro also talks about the ELLE Family Office Network, where she has created a platform and forum for women leaders to work together, trust and rely on one another, and build business together.  Click here.

Interview Four: De Anna Guerreiro, talks about her journey to owning a soccer team and how she plans to work in partnership with Global Fan Exchange, to provide clubs with its own digital token. She is truly a visionary and an innovative entrepreneur! Click here.

To connect with De Anna Guerreiro directly, e-mail