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Travel & Food
April 13, 2022

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Travel Advisor

Guest Contributor:
Cary Camacho
Founder | Travel with the Trio

There is nothing quite like travel and adventure. It allows us to experience new cultures, taste mouthwatering foods and gain a new perspective on ourselves and the world around us. But traveling comes with its fair share of difficulties, and the pandemic has made the process even more challenging. Thankfully, there is one person who can make all of your problems disappear and ensure an experience of a lifetime – a travel agent. Discover 5 reasons why you need to get off Google and get a travel advisor for your summer vacay planning.

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Get through Emergencies Smoothly

Did you know that in 2019 (pre-pandemic), nearly two percent of all domestic flights were canceled? Regardless if you are a frequent traveler or not, it is important to realize that emergencies can happen. And in a post-pandemic world, this has never been more likely.

All kinds of strikes (hello France!), disease outbreaks, and the like, can create unexpected stress for travelers. Canceled flights, trains, boats, etc. usually come with their fair share of hassles and struggles. Without expert support, it can be difficult to manage these situations smoothly. 

Here is an example – Earlier in the year, Morocco decided to close its borders for all international travelers. While the news broke out, my friends were on a layover flight in Istanbul, on their way to Marrakesh. Unfortunately, they weren’t aware that the country was planning on closing its borders in the next few days. Needless to say they were left to find a solution to this dilemma mid-travel on their own. 

Weather events and natural disasters have also become more common. Unexpected snowstorms, thunderstorms, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions (perhaps the most inconvenient for flyers) can disrupt any travel plan, and in today's world – that is nothing unusual. 

Professional travel advisors follow the news every day. That is why they have the best knowledge on which destinations are optimal for travel during varying global climates and circumstances. 

In fact, whenever a flight gets canceled for example, people who use travel advisors typically get rebooked first. That is because the best travel agencies keep an eye on their clients' flights and most often resolve the situation before the client even knows it exists! 

Get Info on the Best Destinations

Advisors can also help you design a vacation that fits your interests perfectly. 

For example, if you wish to spend some time in nature, heading to New York may not be at the top of your destination list. At the same time – most of us have misconceptions or limited knowledge about certain places, whether we are aware of them or not. 

A travel advisor can open your mind to a world of options that fit your interests and your budget. 

Make Use of Valuable Connections

Wish to book a last-minute stay in Milan during Fashion Week? Or perhaps you are looking to stay at one of the famous villas in Mauritius? Whenever there is an opening or a date available, hoteliers turn to travel advisors with whom they have worked together for years to fill their vacancies. 

In the travel industry, connections have a big impact. If you hope to enjoy a dinner at the trendiest restaurant or explore the world's best museums with a famed art expert, it may not be possible unless you have a travel advisor. Most professionals in the travel industry build their connections over years or sometimes even decades. Nowadays, advisors can offer the most unique experiences that most adventurers haven't even thought of. For example, have you ever tried heli-skiing? Or floating on a mirror-like surface in Bolivia?  Yes, it's possible, and a travel advisor can help make it happen!

Save You Time

Vacation planning comes with its own challenges. To plan the perfect holiday, one must spend hours on Google,, and Airbnb. 

Travel advisors can save you hours or even days of work. Since they have the experience, connections with the best carriers, in-country experts and vendors, they can do the job much quicker and easier. Although traveling might be your hobby, for travel advisors, it is their passion- and their profession. Therefore they are focused on finding the best possible deals that will make their clients satisfied and improve their reputation and referrals. 

…and Save You Money

Some people avoid using travel advisors because they are worried about adding to the costs associated with the trip. However, by enlisting their help, you are more likely to save money. 

Some advisors do charge for their work, while others make money by earning a commission from vendors, partners, and suppliers. Either way, with their expertise and industry network, you are guaranteed to benefit from insider deals that you can’t access as a general consumer.

Have you ever had to change or cancel a hotel reservation due to a missed or canceled flight? Unfortunately, most hotels are non-refundable, which means you have to pay a fee if you decide to change or cancel your reservation. However, in some cases, travel advisors can have fees waived due to their knowledge, expertise, connections, and industry perks.

Whether you are finally ready for that trip of a lifetime, or are a seasoned traveler, there is no doubt you can benefit from a travel advisor’s services. 

Ready for your next adventure? Give me a call, so that we can curate your next epic holiday!