Rachelle Sylvain-Spence
Personal Development Practitioner
R-motivation | Afuri Aesthetics

I am Rachelle Sylvain-Spence, an unstoppable force of transformation and empowerment. As the founder of R-Motivation, LLC, and Timoun Lakay Foundation, Inc, as well as the co-founder of Afuri Aesthetics, LLC and B.Her Collective, LLC, I dedicate my life to helping others create positive change and seize opportunities for growth.

Born in New York City and raised in Haiti, my journey began amid the challenges of a turbulent upbringing. Returning to New York during my teenage years, I channeled my experiences into a purposeful career grounded in my profound desire to support others. With a Master’s degree and a license in Social Work, I set out to ignite transformation and uplift those around me.

B.Her Collective is my groundbreaking initiative designed to shatter barriers and disrupt the status quo. I'm on a mission to arm Women of Color with the tools, connections, and knowledge to challenge outdated norms and thrive in every phase of their life’s journeys. Through targeted resources and unapologetic advocacy, I'm shaking up industries and rewriting the narrative. Our revolutionary approach isn't just about surviving, it's about thriving and rewriting the rules of success in all aspects of life.

My passion for creating meaningful change drives my work at Timoun Lakay Foundation, where I uplift disadvantaged children in Haiti through nutrition, education, and leadership development. At R-Motivation, I inspire individuals to embrace their authenticity and seize their potential.

My husband and I joined forces to create Afuri Aesthetics, a sanctuary for those seeking holistic beauty and wellness. By merging my expertise in personal development with his medical knowledge, we offer transformative aesthetics and wellness  services that help individuals look and feel their best.

I wear many hats with grace and determination: mother, wife, daughter, motivational speaker, co-author of an Amazon bestseller, host of "The Backyard" web show, and author of "Mienegri" for personal growth. Yet my overarching mission remains clear: to spark transformation, motivation, and fulfillment while fostering a global impact.

I am not just making waves , I am causing a tidal shift in how we approach empowerment, growth, and success globally.