Rachelle Sylvain-Spence
Motivational Speaker

I embody a dynamic catalyst for transformation, serving as a versatile motivational speaker and a highly skilled integrated Life and Wellness Coach. Driven by an unwavering passion to ignite empowerment and motivation, I seamlessly integrate my diverse pursuits to propel individuals towards a more enriched life.

As the visionary founder behind R-Motivation, a life strategy and speaking venture, I champion the belief that the journey to alignment and exceptional achievements commences with self-discovery. Among my remarkable accomplishments, I co-authored the Amazon bestseller "Called to Speak, Lead & Impact" and pioneering  "The Backyard," a web talk show. My written work, "mienegri," serves as a comprehensive guide for personal growth. I am not only a professional but also a dedicated humanitarian who established the "Timoun Lakay Foundation" to uplift underprivileged children of Haiti.

Additionally, I find profound fulfillment in my role as a co-owner of Afuri Aesthetics, a medical wellness spa committed to nurturing self-confidence through personal beauty. My active involvement in community relations in South Florida and abroad underscores my commitment to making a positive impact in my local and global community.

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