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July 27, 2022

On the Podcast: Arianne Traverso, Owner of Biz Yogi

Post By:
Arielle Leavitt
In-House Contributor
Entrepreneur | Podcast Host
The Connector Podcast
Guest Contributor:

Over the past 10 years, I have owned and operated MedAmerica - Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Chiropractic located in Deerfield Beach, Florida. I attribute a lot of the success we’ve achieved in healthcare to hard work of course, but equally so, to the powerful connections and meaningful relationships I’ve built along the way.  I love the expression: It's not what you know, it's who you know. Because so often, it’s true! 

I built my network over time by engaging with my local community. I am an active board member and lead several networking groups, in addition to founding my own, Get Elevated South Florida. But I took my passion for networking to the next level with my weekly podcast-  You’ve Got Connections!- a podcast dedicated to the power of people.

Each episode features an entrepreneur, executive, or business owner in our community. During my interviews, I hope to shed light on each business person’s unique journey and the people who have made the most impact for them along the way. We learn how these entrepreneurs have built their business through their connections, and how we can do the same, with plenty of business tips, tricks, and advice sprinkled throughout the conversation. 

Meet Arianne Traverso, founder of Biz Yogi and my recent interviewee on You’ve Got Connections!

Arianne merges her expertise as a business coach, marketing expert, and internationally-recognized yoga leader to offer consulting like no other. 

Arianne is a believer in limitless possibilities through alignment between personal and professional goals. Her unique approach to marketing and business is rooted in the belief that your business should be a reflection of you, of your soul, and how you want to impact the world- a concept stemming from a deep yogic perspective. 

In 2017, Arianne created Biz Yogi, a coaching and creative consultancy that helps people accelerate profitable and aligned businesses. She guides new and growing brands to uncover their untapped potential and jumpstart a new era of their business by leveraging digital strategies that yield tangible results.

Arianne has emerged as a leading South Florida Marketing Consultant, particularly within the local health and wellness industry. In addition to owning the largest national Yoga Expo in the country, her clientele ranges from local boutique brands to national accounts such as TEDXMiami.

Wondering how she did it? Listen in on Arianne’s journey and the connections that catapulted Biz Yogi! 

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Full Podcast Episode: Arianne Traverso