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January 16, 2023

Business Development in a Hybrid Marketplace and 4 Social Media Strategies to Integrate Today

Post By:
Patricia Alexis
In-House Contributor
The Daily Drip
Guest Contributor:

With a new year comes another set of business goals and strategies-- and they probably look a lot like last year’s… and the year before that, and the year before that. And therein lies the problem.

Social media has completely transformed the business landscape as we once knew it. In a world where everyone is glued to their smartphones, being spoon-fed information by the algorithm of their favorite apps, everyone is a consumer before they are ever a customer

If “content is king,” social media is the kingdom. And the keys to the kingdom belong to those who understand how to integrate this powerful tool for today’s hybrid business landscape. 

Social media is no longer optional. No longer a recreational pastime. Instead, it has emerged as a vital function of modern marketing and business development, and as such, a necessary core competency for today’s business leaders.

It’s natural to set goals around skill gaps, instead of strategizing through them… but the gap is quickly becoming a canyon for many. Do you relate? If so, let this be the year you mind the gap! 

The good news is, social media doesn’t have to be intimidating. Much of it is a digitized version of the physical-world experiences you’re already familiar with. If you know the psychology of sales and how to connect and meet the needs of your target audience, you’ve won half the battle. All it takes is learning how to harness those skills in the digital world.

It starts with redefining what business development looks like in the modern era, and identifying the new behaviors, tools, and strategies that come into play. 

Instead of passively going through the motions at yet another networking event, waiting for that winning referral, or firing off another carefully crafted email blast, consider 

integrating concepts like digital networking, social selling, personal branding, humanizing the digital experience, or content development to connect with potential clients and strategic allies right where they are: online.

Ready to maximize your results in 2023? Here are a few strategies you can start easily integrating today:

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1. Build your platform.

“Social media” was once known as “social networking,” because the main function was providing a digital dimension to real-world relationships. Over time, however, the emphasis turned to consumption over connection. Some people still use it to foster relationships, while others use it to build their audiences-- but the truly successful business leaders use it for both. Choose one (or more) social media platform to focus on for 2023. Where do “your people” hang out? Whether it’s Instagram or LinkedIn, be sure to connect with all of your real world relationships, digitally. If their email is in your database, you should be connected to them on your preferred social media platform. Don’t be afraid to skim through their connections either. This is a great way to discover new “friends”- invite them to connect too!

2. Position yourself as an expert.

No need to wait for your next accolade to build your authority. We are psychologically wired to trust the familiar, so it’s no surprise that regularly posting industry insights and anecdotes gives you a competitive edge. Sharing your knowledge and experiences online sends a clear message: you are the go-to source. Whether you’re writing a blog, recording a podcast, filming a video, or writing a simple post, it’s all about strategically communicating your expertise. By consistently creating content (operative word being consistent), you will engage your network in a meaningful way, as well as expand your reach far beyond your immediate network.

3. Position yourself as a human.

Sounds strange, right? Sometimes, we get so caught up in presenting our best professional selves that we forget to share the most relatable things about us. And those are the things that foster trust, likeability, and connection. Do you have a hobby? Share it! Did you experience something fun or interesting? Share it! Are you involved in the community- serve on a board, member of an organization, volunteer for a charity? Share it! And tag the organizations! If friends, family, or colleagues are in the pictures, tag them too (with permission of course). Documenting life has become somewhat of an artform these days, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Consider sharing something recreational or personal each week and watch the conversation flourish.

4. Be social!

This one seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people forget this critical step! We are so caught up in what we are saying (posting) that we forget to listen and acknowledge what others are posting! Just as you do with email, dedicate time daily to reading other people’s posts. Like them, comment on them, like and comment on other people’s responses, reshare them when inspired. Send a personal message for birthdays and milestones. Unclog the inbox- consider integrating your follow-ups and thank you’s on social media and you may be surprised at how much faster the response time can be! All in all, this active and social behavior organically increases your visibility, allowing new people to discover and connect with you! 

Take It Up A Notch

Times have changed quickly, and even the most brilliant and seasoned business leaders struggle with the shift.

That’s where we come in.

The Daily Drip Thought Leadership Foundation is dedicated to helping emerging and recognized business leaders upskill and expand their acumen for modern communication tools & strategies, while providing a hands-on learning environment to practice and hone their skills. Through our program, our community of business leaders learn how to harness the power of social media, storytelling, branding, writing, speaking, social selling, digital networking, and more!

Join us for our next Info Session on Wednesday, January 18th, to learn how this program can support your goals for 2023! Additional sessions will be held on February 15th and March 15th. We hope to see you there!