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July 22, 2021

A Peak into Dormify: The One-Stop Virtual Shop for College Living

Guest Contributor:
Delilah Rapkin

Packing for your child’s first year at college doesn’t seem that daunting until you’re…packing for your child’s first year at college.  Whether your soon-to-be freshman will be living in a dorm or an apartment, distinguishing between the essentials for small space-group living can be overwhelming. It can be even more challenging to find options that will make the transition easy and fun while ensuring your child’s new space truly feels like home.   

While shopping for her freshman year of college, Amanda Zuckerman and her mom, Karen, were on the hunt for fashionable dorm décor. But they couldn't find one place that had everything they needed, especially stylish Twin XL bedding. So, they decided to create it. 

Dormify simplifies the shopping experience for college students and post-grads by creating exclusive products specifically designed for small space living- without sacrificing style. We sat down with Delilah Rapkin, junior undergrad at the University of Florida, founder of Delilah Designz, and Dormify Stylist, for a behind the scenes look into the Dormify shopping experience.

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“For the past two years as an undergrad at the University of Florida, I have lived in a dorm with a roommate and communal bathroom, as well as a sorority house with multiple roommates and communal everything! Both living experiences taught me so much about small space- group living, and I bring this perspective to each client consultation.

Our free one-on-one virtual consultations cover everything from bedding to storage, bathroom accessories to décor, and everything in between.

Pro Tip: Encourage your child to connect with her new roommate in advance. Pre move-in chatting, especially about dorm coordination, is a great way to break the ice and get to know one another. Dormify can help the relationship get off on the right foot with our fun and easy roommate appointments! We help with the communication of style and preferences, as well as assist with coordinating bedding, furniture, accessories, and décor to create an aesthetically pleasing living space for everyone.

My approach to the dorm planning process is simple, efficient, and tons of fun! It is important to consider what truly matters most to each student. For example, I cared most about having an extremely comfortable bed that reminded me of home. I knew I would be spending tons of time in my dorm/ bedroom studying, relaxing, hanging with friends, and of course, sleeping, so I wanted to invest the bulk of my time and money into curating the perfect bedding set.

Our “Bed Visualizer” tool is a really cool feature of our consultation experience. From comforter/duvet covers, sheet sets, headboards, euro pillows, accent pillows, decorative pillows, and throw blankets, clients can see everything they select on a real bed. The “Bed Visualizer” allows you to see different color combinations while  seeing a large selection of our products at once. Once we nail down the aesthetic, we can move onto “Bedding Essentials”, which include mattress protectors, mattress toppers, body pillows, pillow inserts, etc.

Storage and furniture pieces are typically the next best course of action. Our pieces are small yet useful, and designed specifically for small space- group living. Because outlet availability is a common issue for college students, Dormify pieces come equipped with outlets and USB ports! Charging nightstands, charging headboards, and charging lamps, ensure your student is powered in every corner of the room.  I can speak firsthand to the convenience of charging my laptop beside my bed, especially for movie nights or late-night essay-writing sessions!

Dormify also offers a wide variety of coordinated organizing systems for closet, bathroom, desk, and more to maximize space, keep personal belongings separate from your roommate(s), and ensure everything has a home. Our “Bathroom Essentials” are designed with students in mind, including shower caddies to carry bath/shower products to and from communal bathrooms, as well as towels with a “locker loop” sewn in for easy and secure hanging on shower hooks. (Bathrooms are a high traffic area- I can’t tell you how often the other towels slip and end up on the communal bathroom floor!) Another perk of Dormify towels? They are benzoyl peroxide safe, so they won't get damaged and discolored from a student skincare routine. 

Pro tip:  Encourage your child to only pack what will actually be used. This applies to clothing. Encourage her to bring what she loves and leave what she doesn’t at home. It's important she keep in mind that part of the college experience is maturing into the next phase of her identity, and that will spark an evolution in likes, dislikes, and style! Remind her to save room for the new!

Once all the essentials have been secured, it’s time for the fun part- decorating! Art is a great way to express individuality and add a personal touch to any living space. And I am so proud that my custom art is featured among the décor options available on Dormify! Yes that’s right- in addition to completing my degree and working as a Dormify Stylist, I am also the founder of Delilah Designz.

It all started in the summer of my freshman year of college.  I created a simple art piece with my name on it, something different and unlike anything available online. As you can imagine, other students started to notice and request one for themselves.  Soon after that, I started dabbling in graphic design, creating a wider variety of customization and design options. Before I knew it, I was receiving steady order requests via Instagram from all walks of life.  In October of 2020, the unthinkable happened. I was approached by Dormify to create a special collection of art exclusively for their online shop!

The opportunity has been tremendous for my business as well as for me, a young female entrepreneur with a passion for art and design. I have had a front row seat to real world business management from the Dormify founders, Amanda and Karen, as well as their amazing team- lessons I may not have learned in a collage classroom! My love for the Dormify brand has only grown since having been a client, stylist, and now vendor partner. 

Entering college can be a stressful time for the whole family, but Dormify makes this transition easy, fun and affordable too- book your free consultation with me and receive 20% off your Dormify order! I would love the opportunity to meet you and help make this experience memorable!”