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June 24, 2024

5 Hacks to Feel Your Best This Summer

Post By:
Susan Winograd
In-House Contributor
Founder | Pelvic Health Physical Therapist
Pelvicore Rehab & Wellness
Guest Contributor:

Let’s face it, as the weather heats up and summer fun is in full effect, we might find that our daily routines are taking a hit… and we’re feeling it. 

The longer days, warmer weather, and surge in leisure and travel can disrupt everything from schedules, to sleep, to diet, to daily habits. Our bodies and minds respond to these seasonal cues, sometimes struggling to maintain equilibrium. Understanding these disruptions and adapting with mindful adjustments can help us navigate the summer months with grace and balance. Here are 5 hacks to manage this seasonal transition, optimize your days, and feel your best this summer!

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Summer Slumber

Hotter days means more sunlight, and sometimes a little more difficulty getting to sleep early. Focus on supporting your circadian rhythm each day by getting 10-15 minutes of morning sun in your eyes, and focusing on a consistent sleep schedule. Set your room to a cool temperature, and get in the habit of a calming night time routine, which can consist of any practice that sets your mind at ease - like skincare, meditation, soothing music, or breathwork. My personal favorite is settling down with a weighted blanket and a soothing cup of Golden Milk.

Hot but Hydrated

We love summertime but these hot days are no joke. Dehydration can leave you feeling foggy, unmotivated, and downright unwell at times. Rising temperatures call for extra attention on hydration. Our general rule of thumb is to be sure you are drinking at least half your body weight of water in ounces. While hydrating with plain and simple water is a great rule of thumb, feel free to get creative by adding lemon, lime, herbs, and fresh or frozen fruit to your water to mix it up a bit. My favorite water infusion is cucumbers, ginger and fresh mint!

While trendy “hydration” drinks claim to give you a healthy dose of electrolytes, those ingredients can be questionable. If you feel like you need a boost, opt for an organic coconut water, like Harmless Harvest to get a healthy dose of charged minerals. Load up on foods like watermelon, and cucumbers to kick your hydration game up a notch.

Routine Reboot

Keeping your routine can be harder in the summer. There’s more social activities, family plans, and travel. Building and honoring a consistent structure throughout your day can help you stay focused and meet your goals. Try creating a rough structure for your day that outlines the time of day and your main focus for those hours. For example, 12-3pm can be focused on work and emails, while 4-5 is dedicated to cleaning up around the house, and 5-6 making dinner. Don’t forget to carve out time in your routine for self care! It doesn't have to take long. Even just taking 10-15 minutes to consistently maintain a morning and evening routine can make ALL the difference in your self care and how you feel.

Keep It Moving

As our schedules pick up in the summer, it can be easy to stop prioritizing exercise. Depending on where you live, summertime can be a perfect opportunity to move your workout outside, maybe exploring a new outdoor yoga class, or taking a long walk by the beach. If you’re in Florida, like me...the thought of outside workouts can be enough to make your head spin. Don’t let the heat stop you from feeling your best and releasing those much needed endorphins. Now is a great time to explore a new indoor gym, take a new class, or find some at-home workouts through Youtube. Keep your movement practice consistent and most importantly enjoyable!!

Casual Calendars

Summer brings with it a surge in travel, family functions, and for those with school age children, a new set of child care logistics… all of which can cause stress. A calendar can help provide clarity and balance. By marking down dates for vacations, social gatherings, and important deadlines, you can ensure that you allocate your time efficiently and avoid overcommitting. Remember, when you say “YES” to one thing, you are saying ‘NO” to something else. 

A calendar allows you to visualize your schedule, making it easier to balance work, leisure, and personal responsibilities. Additionally, it can help you set and track goals, such as completing summer projects or maintaining a fitness routine. With a well-planned calendar, you can ensure a summer on your terms.

As summer unfolds, embracing an optimized and well-maintained routine can be the key to keeping your nervous system balanced and ensuring you are feeling your best. By setting clear goals, incorporating flexible yet consistent habits, and making time for self-care, you can make the most of the longer days and warmer weather. 

Remember, the essence of summer is balance—balancing work with leisure, structure with spontaneity. And the key to balance is remaining focused on the priorities. Health and wellness should always be our number one priority as it is the cup from which everything else flows.

Here’s to a summer by design and a season filled with growth, adventure, and cherished memories!