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3 Types of Love Every Woman Should Know

Post By:
Jo Stephens
In-House Contributor
CEO | Owner
Law Firm Sites, Inc
Guest Contributor:

Let's be honest, love is complicated. Whether we're starry-eyed in a new relationship, cherishing lifelong friendships, or working through the ups and downs of family bonds, love comes in all shapes and flavors. Forget the rom-com fluff. Let's shatter those tired love tropes and explore three types of love that actually shape our lives.

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1. Eros: Passion & Spark

Named after the Greek god of love and desire, Eros embodies that heart-racing, can't-think-straight kind of passion. It's the chemistry that crackles, the intense attraction that fuels new romances.  Neuroscience backs this up – when we're hit by Eros, dopamine floods our brains, giving us that euphoric rush.

Eros is exciting, but it can also be fickle. While that initial fire is essential, it can't be the sole pillar of a lasting relationship.

2. Philia: The Sisterhood of the Soul

Philia is about deep affection, shared values, and the kind of loyalty that makes you show up at 3 am with ice cream after a bad breakup. Think of those friends who've seen you at your best and worst, and love you even more for it. This bond is powerful – studies show that strong female friendships improve mental and physical well-being.

Philia is the foundation of chosen families, your ride-or-die crew, the ones who cheer you on and pick you up when you stumble.

3. Agape: Love Beyond Boundaries

Agape is the most expansive kind of love. It's compassion for humanity, love of nature, or spiritual connection.  It's the kind of love that motivates activism, volunteering, or the fierce protectiveness of a mother for her child. Agape isn't always warm and fuzzy; it can be a force that compels us to step up and fight for what's right.

Agape teaches us about empathy and finding purpose beyond ourselves. It's a beautiful reminder that our hearts have an incredible capacity for growth and giving.

The Beauty of the Blend

The magic is that these types of love aren't mutually exclusive. The best romances have Eros's spark, Philia's steadfast support, and a touch of Agape's selflessness. Our friendships can have the passion of Eros and the unconditional acceptance of Agape.

Understanding these types of love gives us a lens to appreciate different relationships in our lives.  It also allows us to identify what might be missing so we can nurture our bonds and seek out love in its multiple forms.

So, what type of love speaks to your heart?