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December 6, 2021

10.5 Ways to Boost Your Sales During the Holidays

Post By:
Kim Beckett
In-House Contributor
Founder and CEO
Beckett Consulting
Guest Contributor:

If you are like me, you want to finish the year strong, like the Olympic gymnast who nails her landing off the balance beam (insert your own visual of Simone Biles).

Here are 10.5 ways you can boost your sales and nail your landing.

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1. Call your existing customers

Find out what they are up to and what they are forecasting for 2022. Ask, “what keeps you up at night?” Really listen, ask follow-up questions and offer encouragement and insights without any expectations. If appropriate, offer to schedule a collaboration session to brainstorm solutions. Follow-up with an email to summarize the conversation and next steps.

2. Call and/or email former customers

For the same reason as above, touch base with your previous customers to get updated on their current situation. They may be opportunity to work together again!

3. Maximize your network

Schedule one-on-one coffee chats (live or virtual) with people in your network. Ask them about their success in 2022, their ideal client profile and how to refer business. Then, share a story about a client you helped this year to give them a sense of the problems you solve and what a good referral looks like for you.

4. Give something of value

Create a helpful infographic, template, checklist, or ebook related to your expertise. For example, if you are a financial professional, share strategies on maintaining a good credit score or selecting a credit card. Think about what advice your customer needs and share it in a value-adding piece you create. For inspiration, I like to google my topic and search by images. 

5. Offer a holiday promotion

During the holidays, people are in gift-buying mode. “Give the gift of…” is a great marketing tool. What could you offer that can be given as a gift? Two life coaching sessions, a gift card, a free workshop, a book? Perhaps there is opportunity to collaborate on this with an alliance in your network! Create a limited offer such as the first 50 purchases or a time limit of 12/10-12/17. This creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity for potential customers.

6. Rev up your social media

Post videos and pictures to showcase your human side. Videos and pictures showing how you serve your community are always appealing this time of the year. Engage your followers with a contest.

Most people are craving more connection and offering a challenge creates a sense of community. Offer a simple challenge such as 14 Days of Kindness. For 14 days, do one simple act of kindness a day and post your story. Create a hashtag to support it. The winner receives a donation in their name to their favorite charity and a recognition post.

Be sure to post your holiday promotions frequently and create a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

7. Give personalized gifts to your most valuable customers

The secret to gift giving is that the gift doesn’t have to be expensive, just something thoughtful that is personalized to them. Are they a tea drinker? If so, get them a gift tin of teas along with a nice mug. Are they a foodie? Give them a personalized wooden cutting board. Do they like whiskey? Two monogrammed whiskey glasses will be a great addition to their bar. Etsy is a great resource for reasonably priced, personalized gifts and you support a small business.

I stay away from consumable items such as food and alcohol. These items don’t have any staying power. Once the gift has been eaten or poured into a glass and consumed, it’s like it never even happened. However, when you give a mug, a wooden cutting board or whiskey glasses, they will enjoy them for years to come. And, they will think of you when they pull them out of the cabinet! 

Remember to keep it tasteful: don’t give them items with your logo on it! That’s not a gift, it’s a promotional item. Save those for another time.

8. Send a sincere thank you note

For your most valuable customers, include a genuine thank you note with the gift. A great thank you note is specific and detailed and may mention times when the client inspired or motivated you, went above and beyond or advocated on behalf of your organization. Like holiday cards, it should be handwritten in order to make the greatest impact. 

9. Send holiday cards

Show your gratitude by sending a handwritten holiday card. Include a short, personalized message that may mention the customer’s spouse and/or children, an activity you both enjoyed, one of their big wins, and so on. If you know which specific holiday they celebrate (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.), use holiday-specific greetings as well.

10. Extend an invite

Form closer bonds with your customers by inviting them to join you at holiday events and activities. Tree lighting ceremonies, private holiday parties, holiday performances and other events are great ways to spend quality time together to form stronger relationships.

10.5 Host a holiday party

I know what you are thinking: “who has time for that?” But, it doesn’t have to be in December. January is better because calendars are more flexible. Celebrate the beginning of 2022. Encourage customers to bring their friends. Put all of the event details on a special webpage and be sure to include a link to a map for directions. Make it easy for guests to find your event. Connect with your customers on a personal level and start connecting them to each other.  Consider a theme such as a special “VIP Night” or “Customer Appreciation.” Think about a drop-in party with a time frame that works for your customers or bring in a special guest, entertainer or expert. It could be a motivational speaker, musician or local author. Just look for someone who complements your business and engages customers.

There you have it! 10.5 ways to engage with clients and prospects to boost your sales during the holidays. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the list? Keep it simple. Select two items from the list that will have the most impact on your customers and business. Focus on those and execute. Happy Holidays!