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Sales Camp: 4-Week Bootcamp

Wednesday, May 1, 2024
9:00 am
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Ladies, ready to level up your sales game without draining your bank account? Welcome to Sales Camp - the virtual bootcamp that's all about boosting conversions and client retention! Join us for 4 weeks of intensive training, camaraderie, and insider secrets, all for just $500. Get ready to slay those sales goals like a boss! Camp starts May 1st.

If you’ve ever been to summer camp, you know exactly how much fun you had and the experiences you will never forget. Even if you’ve never been, you’ve heard about it or seen movies about it. That’s what a sales camp is designed to do. Sales Camp changes the selling experience from an anxiety-ridden dumpster fire into an unforgettable experience by changing everything you know and feel about sales. 

If you are

  • Tired of being ghosted
  • You’re tired of people being “interested” but not taking the next step
  • Tired of not being able to get people on call or conversations
  • You struggle to articulate the value of your service or offer
  • You’ve told yourself “I’m not good at sales”
  • You need a strong sales system but have no idea what that would even look like
  • Early stages of your business or feel like you could be doing much more, although you’re not in the early stages of your business. 
  • You want to learn how to retain and keep your clients for longer contracts.

I could go on and on listing out the countless reasons why you are struggling or don’t feel confident but in true camp style, let’s get on with the good and fun stuff shall we…

Here’s what you’ll experience in sales camp:

Buddy Assignment: First, you’ll get partnered up with a camp buddy to keep each other accountable and have a friend in camp from day 1. Buddy assignments get emailed to you the night before the first day of camp. 

Merits: Weekly assignments that boost confidence and create habits that change your outlook on sales and boost your confidence. 

Inspection: Drop your sales calls into my inbox for customized critiques to help you practice your developing sales skills and course correct to perfection.

Counselors: Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help reprogram your subconscious to obliterate those roadblocks. Money Coach to help set you up for success by having a healthy relationship with money (Counselors will be one per bootcamp not during the same bootcamp)

Mail time: Weekly affirmations dropped into your group slack channel to help you re-wire those thoughts, develop conscious thinking around sales, all based in logic. 

Assembly: Weekly hot seat coaching with me to give you customized support for ANY pressing question you have 

Activities: Weekly lessons

Sales: go deep into my Simple Sales Method, where I teach you how to flip the script and have your buyer articulate the value of your service NOT YOU.

Neurolinguistic programming Coach/ Counselor: Katie Bambrick- Certified NLP coach

Communication: 4 days a week slack channel to help you through roadblocks in real-time. 

Camp Schedule

Week 1- Meet your camp buddy, counselors, and first class with Katie Bambrick NLP & Hypnotherapist

Week 2- Financial Fitness- meet your money coach and get ready to stop under earning and get into high earner status

Weeks 3 & 4- Sales focused learning and activities. Increase your closing rate and client retention roadmap

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Register for this Event

Register for this Event

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