Suzette Bravo
Empowerment Coach
Suzette Bravo, LLC

My passion is to inspire leaders, both established and emerging, not just to achieve success, but to live with deep purpose and intention. I empower them to embrace their true selves and create the impact they aspire to in their worlds. Dedicated to heart-centered leadership and profound personal growth, I guide today's leaders and nurture resilience and self-love in the next generation.

As a Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker, best-selling Author, and host of "Bravo Unscripted," I am committed to building resilience, self-worth, and confidence among women and young girls. My goal is to empower them to shine brightly, not just in their careers but in all facets of life.

With over 25 years of leadership and team-building experience, my holistic approach is supported by a robust foundation in Business and Psychology, along with advanced certifications in Leadership, Mindset Optimization, and Trauma-Informed Coaching. As the voice behind the "Bravo Unscripted" podcast, I share the extraordinary stories of everyday heroes, providing listeners with impactful insights and a powerful dose of inspiration. My writings in "Activate Your Life" and "BECOMING YOU" delve into the intricate themes of authenticity and personal growth.

Recognized for my expertise in Heart-Centered Leadership, Resilience, Authenticity, and Self-Love, I also passionately mentor teenage girls through the "Women of Tomorrow" initiative and proudly serve as Vice Chair on the Board for the PACE Center for Girls.

When I’m not mentoring or speaking, you can find me adventuring outdoors, spoiling my two outrageously cute dogs, jet-setting to my next exploration, wrestling with an impressive gummy bear addiction, or diving headfirst into my latest learning escapade.