Nicole Gonzalez-Cumberbatch
The Motherhood Village

I am a mother, former Corporate VP, top-rated podcaster, and published author. I started my professional career as a Commercial Bank Teller at 16 years old and worked up the corporate ladder to VP of Finance & HR, almost 20 years later. But everything changed after I became a mom.

After my son was born in 2017, I battled with postpartum anxiety, struggled with balancing life with a newborn, and needed a safe space to discuss the challenges I was facing, so I created a podcast in 2019 and then The Motherhood Village in 2021 to offer additional resources for local mothers in my community. I officially left corporate in 2021 and when I’m not podcasting or working on The Motherhood Village, I’m assisting my small business owner clients with their backend accounting and human resource processes through my own consulting business, NGC Consulting.

I wear many hats now in my life: woman, wife, entrepreneur, community leader, creator.  But the hat I am most proud to wear will always be mother.

I truly believe it takes a village to uplift a mother, and now more than ever, a village is crucial to the success of a family. Navigating motherhood in this day and age requires community, education, and connection, as each family's needs differ. The Motherhood Village provides a podcast, monthly support groups, webinars & workshops, an annual motherhood summit, and much more!