Nancy Rizzuto
Founding Partner and Principal

I am an accomplished entrepreneur, women’s advocate, speaker, philanthropist, advisory council member, mentor, and faith filled action leader with over thirty years leadership experience.

I am the Founding Partner and Principal of CAP STRAT, an independent fiduciary investment advisory firm that I launched in 2003 with my two partners. I am also Founder of the CAP STRAT Women's Forum, a community created in 2015 to support the personal, professional, and financial success of women. Today, this community reaches over 5000 professional women.

My purpose, which I live each day, is to serve and empower others to take intentional action to live a successful, abundant, and meaningful life. I am fiercely committed to educating and empowering others, especially women, to manifest their wealth, wisdom, and well-being and to attain financial freedom so they can live the life of their dreams and create a meaningful legacy.

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