Kristine Borrelli
Business Development Executive

Originally from upstate New York, I started my career at 18 years old as a hairdresser. That’s where I first learned my love of people and honed my skills as a connector and relationship builder. As I became more involved in the industry, I discovered a passion for the business of beauty, particularly training and developing people. I landed my next big role with a professional hair color manufacturer where I was formally trained in sales, corporate development, recruitment, onboarding, management, manufacturing and distribution - working my way up from a Field Sales Trainer to a National Director.

My career took me out of the beauty industry but kept me firmly rooted in Customer Relationship Management. As a Major Market Executive with Paycor, my focus remains on growing relationships and businesses. I assist clients with so much more than payroll, including streamlining operations, optimizing HR software, selecting and implementing Software as a Service (SaaS), and recruitment strategy to name a few.  My objective is to help businesses function more efficiently and save money.

When I am not working, I'm in the kitchen! I love cooking and baking and before starting my own family, I hosted open “Sunday Dinners” to anyone who lived away from family and missed family meals. I still host Sunday Dinners and always love when people say my house feels like home!

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