Dr. Brandy Pidermann, LCSW-QS
Licensed Psychotherapist | Clinical Social Worker
Changing Tides Therapy

In addition to working exclusively at one of the nation's top children’s hospitals, located here in South Florida, I am also the founder of Changing Tides Therapy, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

As a licensed psychotherapist and clinical social worker, I specialize in working with children, adolescents, young adults and families to improve their social-emotional functioning and enhance their overall mood and well-being.

Emotional healing starts inward and helping people navigate life and complex challenges continues to motivate my work- in more ways than one! 

In addition to clinical practice, I am a clinical affiliate instructor at the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine and an adjunct professor at the College of Social Work and Criminal Justice at Florida Atlantic University. 

I’m proud to have contributed to the growing research and professional literature in suicide prevention among school-aged youth, developing and consulting on proposals and strategic plans that offer support to clients and families in the community and in educational and healthcare systems.